Our Services/ Scope of Work

In our history of more than 25 years we have delivered flawless high quality pump tank installations for Indian Petroleum industry in various parts of the country, including some of the remotest parts of the hinterland.

Our range of works include:
  • Civil work of all types to transform an empty land into a vibrant petrol station
  • RVI Work
  • Roofing and False Ceilling Work
  • All Electrical installations required for perfect working of the petrol station
  • Mechanical installations for smooth operations of petrol pumps
  • Canopy Installations
  • Pipeline Installations
  • Petrol Pump Tank Installation
  • Painting and related jobs

We are recognized as among the best in the petroleum related construction industry in India. Our turnkey petrol station services for installation, removal and disposal of petrol pump tanks and pipe line installations for reputed companies in the petroleum industry are widely appreciated by clients and users alike.

Let us begin the process of transforming your land into a money spinning venture with our vast experience in the petrol pump construction industry by providing you highest quality of construction work at fair prices.

At Dev Construction, we are committed to sustainable development by delivering economically sustainable environmental benefits in the communities in which we operate.

We want to leveraging our experience and expertise for building holistic projects that deliver stronger and more inclusive impact to the location they operate in.